See the sample schedules on the main Getting Started page for examples.  While course work is self-paced, we require 10-15 hours per week minimum commitment to program learning. BlueLedge should be completed within 2-7 days and Quality Development within 2-4 weeks.

As well as an empirically proven higher program fail rate, prolonged time in the program can adversely impact your immediate access to work if reporters contracted after you begin working sooner in your exact location. Significantly prolonged time can lead to program dismissal.

SUCCESS TIP!  Select a Start Date that accommodates your ability to commit to the program investment in dollars and time – and communicate with the Talent Team, your Partner Program concierge.

Veritext does not sell or lease equipment, and it is the responsibility of the independent contractor to determine where obtain equipment that meets quality specifications.  The Kit Specification List has links to viable sellers, most of which do have financing options available.

You must have every piece of your equipment verified (through the Kit Survey) and in hand before starting Quality Development.  You can complete the BlueLedge course without your DR Kit.

The Kit Survey will assess your laptop specifications.  Two base fundamentals for a high-enough powered laptop is that it is PC based (not Mac) and has an Intel quad core processor).

SUCCESS TIP! Understand your equipment needs ASAP, you can complete the Kit Survey once you have accepted a contract, just be sure to enter the details requested accurately and fully.

Yes, you can do this but know that your kit will determine whether you are a Pioneer or Explorer and thus dictate your pay rate, incentive amount, learning path, and accessibility to in-person jobs.

The Talent Team can facilitate an upgrade for you at any time, just email talentresources@veritext.  You will be given a brief secondary Kit Survey and assigned in-person course work for completion once the additional equipment is in hand. You must pass this additional learning and shadowing requirements before being eligible for taking in-person jobs and raising your pay rate.

Assuming you are working regularly, it will take a couple of pay cycles to achieve a regular pay flow. Jobs are set to be paid upon delivery to the client, and while Veritext does not wait until receiving client payment to pay our independent contractors, the job must be transcribed and processed before delivery. Your incentives are paid independently of any job invoicing.

SUCCESS TIP! Building a relationship and engaging with your DR Champion and Calendar team can mean more work.  Don’t sit back and wait, make your availability and expectations known!