Michael R. | Digital Reporter

After 35 years in the restaurant industry, I have found a new career, a second act as a Digital Reporter! I felt stuck in an industry I had outgrown. The long nights and nonexistent days had worn me down and I missed my family.

I was offered an opportunity for a change. I was skeptical, but I became a notary, joined the DR Program, and became a Digital Reporter.  Today I work full time taking the record of legal proceedings and it is the best thing that has happened to me professionally EVER!

I have financial freedom and work when I want. I interact with professionals and learn something new every day. I could not be happier to be a part of this growing industry and the best part of all is my family doesn’t miss me anymore!

L. P. | Digital Reporter

I was offered an opportunity to be part of Veritext’s sponsorship program in early 2019. The program gave me the opportunity to learn a new skill in a different line of work. The company provided one on one training and technical support. This ensured that I was able to succeed in my role as a Digital Reporter.  I’ve had the chance to work with professional and disciplined staff which has improved my skills.  I’ve learned that working as a team and always seeking the optimun solution is how Veritext has built its reputation.  It is a privilege to work for Veritext and I am grateful for every working day.  I have gained valuable experience which will help me work toward obtaining my AAERT Certification.  Thank you both for the opportunity.

Mario M. | Digital Reporter

My experience as a digital reporter has been challenging but mostly enriching and rewarding; a job opportunity turned into a potential career path. Digital reporting, though still pioneering, is accurate, reliable, versatile and, without a doubt, strong in the future of transcript production.

Jean T. | Digital Reporter

My experience with Veritext has been wonderful. I love the work.  No two days are ever the same.  The clientele is professional and personable.   The training provided was one on one.  The written instruction is very thorough and easy to follow.  The Veritext technical and support staff have been amazing.  Everyone has been so welcoming and supportive of my desire to succeed in my new career path.

Susan L. | Digital Reporter

Working with Veritext to become a digital reporter has been a dream come true. It is something that I have been interested in for the last 10 years but never knew how to transition from being a transcriber to a reporter. I thank Veritext for working with me, investing in me and training me to begin this new phase of my career. While at a deposition, a videographer from another company told me he was very very impressed with the equipment that I had stating that it was “top-notch.” This further reinforced to me that Veritext desires to provide the best service in the industry and that is a company I want to work with! – 

Ken D. | Digital Reporter

I decided to apply for the training program, and I am glad that I did. I always had an interest in audio recording, and I thought that a mix of court reporting and digital recording might be a good fit for me. I found the training fun and everybody associated with the training program very helpful. Now, I am out officiating depositions, meeting new people, and working for myself, whenever I want, as a digital reporter.

Treshanna R. | Digital Reporter

I am truly grateful for the digital reporting program as it has given me an opportunity to be a part of the elite profession of court reporting. The Veritext team exudes passion, leadership, and professionalism and has equipped me with the confidence and skills that I need to become a successful digital reporter. I look forward to continual growth and success with Veritext.