The DR Partner Program is a network of support for emerging and experienced reporters.

The program is an online community network of DR peers, mentors, technical geniuses, and subject matter experts. There, reporters offered a contract to work with Veritext will have access to resources and continued education opportunities. As reporters strengthen their abilities and take on more and more complex jobs they will also have the opportunity to advance their earning potential along the way – from remote proceedings to in-person depositions to hearings.

Applicants will be offered contracts and made members of the DR Partner Program by demonstrating experience through a digital reporting assessment or by providing proof of completion from a pre-approved third-party digital reporting training course.

Once experience has been verified, the DR Partner Program will provide reporters easy access to resources that digital reporters need, such as information about reporting hardware and software, links to state notary support sites, and documented standards of Veritext quality requirements. There is no membership cost to the Partner Program, we only require that reporters produce high-quality work and remain in good standing.

Applicants new to Digital Reporting will receive a comprehensive introduction to and education around the following:

  • The US Litigation Process
  • The Digital Process
  • The Role of the Digital Reporter
  • Hardware & Software Compatibility & Best Practices
  • Digital Recording Capture/Annotation Software
  • Procedures For Being A Digital Reporter
  • Various Forms Used During Proceedings
  • Post-Proceeding Procedures
  • Common Litigation Terms
  • Medial Naming Conventions
  • And More!


  • Notary license

  • Court reporting experience, education equivalent, or willingness to obtain equivalent

  • High School or GED required

  • English speaking, reading & writing fluency required

  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills

  • Confidence to swear in a witness

  • Confidence to facilitate a legal proceeding

  • Strong sense of discretion

  • Professional, punctual, and presentable

  • DR Equipment (PC laptop, recording equipment, etc.)

  • Able to effectively prioritize and meet deadlines

  • Typing speed of at least 40 wpm with a high rate of accuracy

  • Proficient with technology